About the Author

Valerie Olmos

Valerie Olmos has always had a deep love for animals.  Growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains in California, surrounded by nature and the family’s animals, she developed a strong bond with them. Spending time playing with the family’s pets was her favorite pastime as a young girl.

Inspired by her childhood memories with her father, Fred, Valerie came up with the idea for her book series, Fred’s Little Farm. Fred played a central role in those cherished memories and instilled in Valerie a deep appreciation for animals.

With her book series, Valerie aims to share the loveable critters and humorous stories from Fred’s Little Farm with other young children who share her passion for animals. She dreams of captivating young readers and inspiring them to develop a lifelong love and respect for all creatures. And, at the same time, nurture their desire to read with whimsical rhymes and colorful illustrations.

With her passion and dedication, Valerie Olmos hopes to make a positive impact on young children and bring smiles to their faces through her heartwarming stories.


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